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ROADBag Travel – padded bike travel case


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WHEELBag Travel

PEDALSProtect protection for pedals

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Buds-Sports ROADBag Travel, road bike travel/transport case

If you are already using a bike cover cover, you know how hard it is to dismount the rear wheel of the bike with each use: the handling can be tedious, messy and the derailleur is exposed. If this is your first purchase, these considerations should be taken seriously not to regret the use.
To perfect the protection of your bike, we have developed a range of universal accessories: wheel covers, a fork protector and an universal bike support.

Usage: airplane / car / hotel etc.

This travel bike cover ROADBag Travel is designed for all uses thanks to its maximum protection, ease of use and storage: designed for bike transport in a hotel, car or bus, it can also be used for long journeys by plane!

A revolutionary Bike cover

The new ROADBag Travel bike liner, lined with Buds EPE foam 10mm, is the only MTB cover in the world that allows you to travel, transport and store a Road Bike without removing the rear wheel *.
The cover is padded with 10 mm EPE foam on both sides for optimal lateral protection. Keeping the rear wheel provides total protection from the back of the bike while the Fork Bike Protect fork protector ensures front protection.
The front wheel is fully protected by a separate dedicated cover, the WHEELBag Travel (optional) also padded with 10 mm EPE foam to avoid damaging the frame during the trip.

In a few seconds your mountain bike is in the cover

Remove only the front wheel and store it in its dedicated independent cover: the WHEELBag Travel with 10 mm padding on the entire surface and simply place your bike in the cover. Close, it’s over!
The transmission and especially the rear derailleur, as well as the bases and the stays, are totally protected by the conservation of the rear wheel on the bike.

A practical cover for maximum protection

The inclination of the bike and the sufficient height of the bag allow you to maintain the seat height *.
Use Fork Bike Protect (optional) for total protection.
The large storage bag will allow you to gather all your belongings and tools inside the bag.

“For a more comfortable purchase, we offer exceptionally on our site, to buy separately what normally constitutes the entire cover, in case you already had an item, including the wheel cover.
However, we strongly recommend that you select the right optional accessories, without which your bike will not be transported or protected optimally.”


  • Only the front wheel is disassembled
  • Front wheel well protected in its padded independent cover (optional)
  • The handlebar stays on the bike
  • No tools required: positioning the bike keeps the seat height*
  • No risk of damage for the transmission
  • Fork protected with the Fork Bike Protect (optional)
  • Large capacity storage bag (80 x 40 x 16 cm)
  • Two solid and comfortable handles to suspend the bike

* check on the diagram below.


Optimum quality and extremely resistant material: PE600D and 10 mm foam paddind

Dimensions of the unfolded bag: 150 x 85 x 25 cm

Dimensions of the folded bag: 80 x 40 x 16 cm

Weight (options included): 3200 g

Included accessory:

  • Storage slipcover

Optional accessories:

  • Fork Bike Protect: 10 € instead of 19,90 € if purchased together with the bag
  • WHEELBag Travel : 26 € instead of 39,90 € if purchased together with the bag

Compatibility :

  • Compatible with all types of Road bikes, Gravel bikes, fixies and E-bikes
  • Max length: 150 cm | Maximum height: 85 cm (see diagram below)
  • For a very large bike, please prefer a MTBag Travel cover


We take great care to respect the environment, so our covers are designed only with recyclable materials and 0% PVC

housse transport vélo ROADBag Travel de Buds
housse transport vélo ROADBag Travel de Buds
housse transport vélo ROADBag Travel de Buds
housse roue vélo WHEELBag Travel de Buds
housse roue vélo WHEELBag Travel de Buds
protège fourche et support universel Buds
Protège fourche Fork Bike Protect de Buds
Weight 3200 g
Dimensions 80 × 40 × 16 cm

WHEELBag Travel

Weight 550 g

Weight 170 g

PEDALSProtect protection for pedals

Weight 90 g


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