Road bike covers without removing the rear wheel

The only bike covers in the world to allow the protection of a road bike and its environment during its transport, porting and storage without removing the rear wheel .

If you are already a user of a road bike cover, you probably know how painful it is to take the rear wheel off the bike each time you use it: handling can be tedious, messy and the derailleur is exposed. It is on the basis of this observation that we decided to develop a range of covers for bikes and mountain bikes in which it is not necessary to dismantle the rear wheel.

The ROADBag series, specially designed for Road Bikes and E-Bikes is available in 4 models: Light, Original, Race et Travel.

Your bike is stored in seconds, you don’t get dirty, and above all the transmission is protected.

Large handles allow the cover to be worn on the shoulder.

To perfect the protection of your bike, we have developed a series of accessories perfectly compatible with bicycle covers: wheel covers WHEELBag , Fork Bike Protect and Universal Support .

Which bike cover to choose?

Find the bike cover that's right for you in seconds!

MTB, road bike, transport, travel, you are not sure of the bike cover that you need? Download our PDF guide.

For a MTB / E-Bike (without disassembling the rear wheel) – compatible 29″

housse vélo ROADBag Light de Buds

ROADBag Light

  • To protect your road/gravel bike
  • Material: Nylon 240
  • Independent wheel cover included
  • Weight 1000 g
  • From 69,90 €
housse vélo ROADBag Original de Buds

ROADBag Original

  • To transport your road/gravel bike
  • Material: : PE600D
  • Integrated wheel pocket
  • Weight: 1470 g
  • From 74,90 €
housse transport vélo ROADBag Race de Buds avec housse de roues WHEELBag Race

ROADBag Race

  • To transport your road/gravel bike
  • Material: : PE600D – lined TPE
  • Independat wheel pocket
  • Weight: 2300 g
  • From 79,90 €

ROADBag Travel

  • To transport / travel with your road/gravel bike
  • Material: PE600D lined with TPE – foam padding EPE 10 mm
  • Independent wheel cover
  • Weight: 3200 g
  • From 99,90 €

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